Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Four Great Free Medical Android Apps

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Yes, Android users aren’t receiving the same degree of attention that Apple lovers are. Sure, everyone has to have something in the iPhone and iPad store, but many software developers still consider Google’s Android platform something like optional. That’s changing, and here are four free medical apps for Android that you can get today to convince yourself that someone still cares.

Epocrates. Yes, everyone has this invaluable free reference already. If you don’t, however, consider yourself informed. Download it, use it, love it. While you can find some premium versions at a price, the basic app is more than worth the time to transfer.

Skyscape. Another crucial reference tool, Skyscape provides a wealth of information in the form of calculators, drug guides, and an accessible version of Outlines in Clinical Medicine. The basic, free version may be all you need, but paid content includes more specialized guides and materials.

JogTracker. This is one of the most popular health-related apps on the Android Market, quite possibly because of its effective execution of a simple concept. Like the standalone tracking device used by joggers to measure their distance and speed, JogTracker takes advantage of the smartphone’s capabilities to keep tabs on the user’s progress. Few things are as healthy as a simple run, and few things are as motivational as constant feedback, even if it’s from a phone.

Fat Secret. Of course, the flipside to any healthy, active lifestyle is a decent diet, and here is where Fat Secret can help. If you’re into counting calories, this app can remove much of the hassle. Depending on the capabilities of your smartphone, it features a barcode scanner, a calorie journal, a large reference database for common brand food items, and much more. It also gives you tips on how to plan out your meals and eat heartily within your determined limits.

And apps aren’t the only reason many medical professionals are starting to prefer the Android platform. It features more flexible cell plans, better GPS tracking, and a host of other pros. Durability, usability, and the fact that you can run an app during a call are all good incentives for doctors and others in the health industry to consider Google’s entry into the smartphone platform market.

However, the iPhone still has that beautiful, beautiful screen, and it’s integrated into everyone’s favorite music store, so the migration will be slow.

Greg Bartlett is a guest author who specializes in writing about GPS technology for Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc.

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  1. Fat Secret is great & fun. I have lost 8# over 2 months using it!! I did not like Jogtracker. I prefer SportyPal or Google's Tracks. Both let you upload easily for web viewing.
    Epocrates has a better interface than Skyscape & Beta 2 is coming next month.