Sunday, May 16, 2010

Medical guides on the BlackBerry App World

The phrase "App Store" pertains to Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but we all tend to use that phrase regardless of which smartphone operating system we may be dealing with. It's like Kleenex. We don't say "tissue." We say Kleenex, even when we're referring to other brands.

So, BlackBerry has the App World. On it, you can navigate to the Health & Wellness section, click on "Medical Guides" and view some of the most popular titles that are currently listed. Here's an example of what' you'll see:
  1. Woman Calendar for BlackBerry
  2. Pregnancy Wheel
  3. Age Calculator Pro
  4. Cardio Calc
  5. ECG Guide
  6. Heme Calc
  7. GI Calc
  8. Complete Home First Aid Course
  9. ICD9 Coder
  10. Weight Points Calculator
I think that eventually BlackBerry should follow Apple's example and create a separate section called "Medical." Many apps listed under "health and wellness" are mainly for consumers and not for healthcare professionals.

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