Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free Samsung Galaxy S for frustrated iPhone 4 users

Samsung in the UK is giving away free Galaxy S smartphones to iPhone 4 users who are frustrated about reception problems. This story was published on CNN (and on WIRED.CO.UK).
An account on Twitter called @samsungukmobile is contacting people who've tweeted about their difficulties with the handset, asking them to submit their contact details to receive a free handset.
The Samsung Galaxy S is a slate smartphone running Google Android and this smartphone has a large 4" screen (AMOLED display). Like other similar Android smartphones, the Galaxy S runs a 1 GHz processor, so you'll see amazingly fast performance on this device. The Galaxy S is going to be branded and sold under different names:
  • T-Mobile Vibrant
  • Verizon Fascinate
  • AT&T's Captivate
From a distance, the Galaxy S may look like an iPhone 3 GS. However, the Galaxy S runs Android, it has a removable battery, and it's made by Samsung, not Apple. So, if the Motorola Droid X is too big for you, then the Samsung Galaxy S may be a great option. 

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