Monday, July 26, 2010

Physician smartphone adoption experiencing significant growth

Spyglass Consulting Group has published a report titled, "Point of Care Communications for Physicians." Here are some interesting snippets:

Point of Care Communications for Physicians presents the findings of an end-user market study focused on how physicians across the United States are rapidly adopting mobile communications at point of care to improve communications and collaboration, streamline productivity, and enhance patient care and safety.

Physician smartphone adoption experiencing significant growth.
Ninety-four percent of physicians interviewed were using smartphones to communicate, manage personal/business workflows, and access information including medical reference materials. Physician smartphone adoption is occurring more rapidly than with the general public which is evidenced by a recent AT&T announcement reporting 42 percent of their subscribers were using smartphones. Forty-four percent of physicians interviewed using smartphones had adopted the Apple iPhone followed by 25 percent who had adopted the RIM Blackberry.

Content for Point of Care Communications for Physicians was derived from more than 100 in-depth interviews with physicians working in acute care and ambulatory environments nationwide. Physicians
interviewed were technically competent and representative of a broad range of medical specialties, organization types, and organization sizes.

The telephone interviews were conducted over a three-month period starting in February 2010. The purpose of the interviews was to identify the needs and requirements for mobile communications at point of care
through discussions about
• existing workflow inefficiencies in communicating with colleagues, care team members, and patients,
• current usage models for mobile communications devices and solutions, and
• barriers for widespread mobile communications adoption.

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