Monday, August 30, 2010


Here's another interesting medical app: SurgAware

We at SurgAware know that deciding to have an operation can be difficult. Whenever possible, a patient needs to know all the details – the reason for the operation, the alternatives to surgery, the consequences of not having the operation, and all the things that can potentially go wrong.

In most cases, the benefits of surgery should be higher than the risks of surgery or the risks of not having an operation. For a doctor, the risks of surgery are generally the things that are most difficult to talk about. Add to that that 70% of what is said in a doctor’s consulting room is forgotten within 24 hours....and many patients remain unaware of the risks that influence these decisions.

SurgAware puts all those risks into writing, in a format that can be emailed to anyone who needs to know. If you are a patient, you can either email the list to your doctor for discussion at your next appointment, or check to see that all topics have been covered. If you are a doctor or a nurse, you can use the list as a reference during the process of taking consent, email your patient, copy the email to yourself, and then have evidence of having disclosed the information.

A “Comment” function allows you, doctor or patient, to send a comment on the information in the application back to us, the producers, so that there is continual feedback on the content and general consensus on what needs to be included in the discussion.

To sum it up, SurgAware is a tool to increase the transparency of the decision making process before surgery.

Who are we? SurgAware is produced by the team behind ConsentCare ( bringing informed consent into the digital age.

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