Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Windows Phone 7 - questions and predictions

The buzz around Windows Phone 7 is starting to grow again because developer tools are getting released next month. Given that older Windows Mobile apps won't be compatible with Windows Phone 7, we're going to be starting from Ground Zero with this brand new smartphone OS. How many medical apps will be available on the Windows Marketplace when Windows Phone 7 launches? 

Will Microsoft develop Windows Phone 7 to be a smartphone OS that will drive consumers to switch from their existing platforms? Will Windows Phone 7 be a welcome upgrade for existing Windows Mobile users? Or, will it feel like an entirely new OS? What type of support will be provided for legacy Windows Mobile apps? What will Microsoft do to gain (or regain) momentum in the smartphone market?

Other smartphone systems like Android, BlackBerry, or webOS are now being loaded on slate tablets. I'm sure Microsoft will do the same and we'll end up seeing some Windows Phone 7 slate tablets out there competing against the iPad, BlackPad, PalmPad, AndroidPad, etc. Maybe this is where Microsoft could gain a significant advantage over other tablets. Given that so many people are running Microsoft Windows at home and/or work, it would make a lot of sense to have a mobile device that seamlessly integrates with Windows Live, Mesh, etc. This integration may start with a smartphone, but it will probably be more useful if it's available on a slate tablet. So, instead of grabbing users through the phone, Microsoft may aim to grab users through the slate. Then, those slate users will want Windows Phone 7 running on their smartphones too.

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