Friday, August 20, 2010

UpToDate on Android

It looks like there are many Android smartphone users who are looking for an UpToDate app. Unfortunately, UpToDate doesn't have an app for Android. They don't have an app for iPhone or BlackBerry either. Why? It's because you can access UpToDate via your mobile web browser. The site renders well on your mobile device after you log in.

You can also try typing:

This is what UpToDate has to say about online access via mobile device:

Your web-enabled mobile device may be able to access UpToDate online at if your device supports HTML, cookies, and JavaScript. Not all devices or services are validated or supported.

Here's what UpToDate has to say about iPhone and BlackBerry:

Can I access UpToDate from my iPhone or BlackBerry?

You can log in to UpToDate online using the Safari browser on your iPhone or the browser on your BlackBerry by going to the login page at In addition, you can earn CME/CE credit through your use of UpToDate on your iPhone or BlackBerry. An installed version is not currently available for these devices.

What about an institution license?

Can I access UpToDate online on my mobile device through my institution's site license?

If your institution has an UpToDate site license, you can access UpToDate online through a WIFI connection to the institution's system. Contact your institution's system administrator for instructions.

Speaking of licensing, here are the details around Individual Subscriptions:

* Best option for clinicians
* Online access anytime, anywhere
* DVD for installation on a computer and some mobile devices
* CME/CE credit available

1 year $395 $1.08 / day
2 years $690 $0.95 / day
3 years $999 $0.91 / day

On my Android device, the UpToDate URL after I log in is:

Do you access UpToDate on your smartphone?

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