Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My thoughts about Windows Phone 7

The new smartphones running Windows Phone 7 will feature great hardware from companies like HTC, Samsung, Dell, and others. Does that mean we'll see high-performance devices?

I think the more important question is this: how critical is the operating system? As devices converge, will we find that we're less concerned about the OS and more concerned about the hardware? Take a look at computers. Do we really care if we're running XP, Vista, or Mac OS X? Maybe we'll reach that point with smartphones too. Maybe it won't really matter if you're running iOS 4, Android 2.2, BlackBerry 6, webOS, or Windows Phone 7. 

So, what are my thoughts about Windows Phone 7? I'm eager to try it to see how it compares with all the other mobile platforms that are out there. I'm confident the devices will have some great hardware. There won't be many apps (especially medical apps) at first. Let's give it some time to see how Microsoft will get the developer community engaged to build medical apps for this new OS.

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