Monday, October 11, 2010

A way to get free Epocrates

Have you noticed the EssentialPoints program on Epocrates? You may have seen this if you're using an Apple iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Through the EssentialPoints program, you can earn free one-month subscription to Epocrates Essentials. Here's some more information:

What are Epocrates EssentialPoints?

The Epocrates EssentialPoints* program contains sponsored+ learning activities provided by third-party vendors. Each activity requires only a few minutes to complete. At the end of each activity, you will be asked to allow Epocrates to provide the sponsor of these activities with your personal identifying information. By completing the activity, you may also become eligible to receive a one-month subscription to Epocrates Essentials. All sponsored content is selected independently of Epocrates.

EssentialPoints can be accessed from the "More" menu option at the bottom of the Epocrates screen on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad device.

When you complete an EssentialPoints activity that is valid for a license to Epocrates Essentials, we will automatically add it to your account. There is no need to do anything further.

* Epocrates EssentialPoints is currently only available for our iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users. We are looking into expanding this program to other platforms in the future, but currently do not have any dates as to when that may happen.

+ Not all Epocrates EssentialPoints are sponsored.

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