Thursday, February 03, 2011

IDdx: Infectious Disease Queries for iPhone

IDdx is a decision support software tool developed by the author of OutbreakID, Dr. Jay Brown. This software is designed to help medical practitioners access information and improve the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The advantage of IDdx mobile software over a book is that it was built for queries. Users can find specific information by using the disease search criteria. The user can see all the symptoms associated with a disease or see all the diseases associated with a symptom.

* Explore the database of 275 diseases in 15 categories.
* Search by Disease Name or Disease Criteria.
* Disease criteria include 99 signs & symptoms, 39 epidemiological factors, and 16 regions of the world.
* Examples of epidemiological factors are ingest (entry), soil (source), ticks (vector), and cats (reservoir).
* Access diseases worldwide or limit the search to those endemic to the United States.
* Drill down to all infections associated with compromised hosts or bioterrorism.
* Filter the database for infections tagged as acute-severe, acute-moderate, or subacute/chronic.

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