Friday, February 04, 2011

Medscape Mobile for Android

I've been using the Medscape App on my Droid X for the past few weeks.The Medscape App includes many features including:

Drug Reference

Search prescribing and safety information for over 8,000 brand, generic and OTC drugs, herbals and supplements

* Review adult and pediatric dosing, adverse effects, contraindications, cautions & warnings, pregnancy and lactation guidelines, and more
* Drug database includes:
o 6,000+ generic and brand drugs
o 1,000+ generic and brand OTC drugs
o 1,000+ herbals and supplements
* Search by drug name or browse by class
* Save commonly searched drugs to your 'Saved list'
for fast access
* Access anywhere – no Internet connection required (after full installation of app on device)

Drug Interaction Checker

Check mild interactions to serious contraindications for any combination of drugs, herbals and supplements. Allows up to 30 drugs per search

* Check interactions across our database of 8,000+ drugs, herbals and supplements
* Provides detailed information from minor to
contraindicated interactions
* Input up to 30 drugs, herbals and/or supplements per search
* Access anywhere – no Internet connection required (after full installation of app on device)

Disease & Condition Reference

Review the latest in-depth clinical information for 4,000+ diseases and conditions (enhanced with images and videos)

* Each article provides in-depth clinical overviews (pathophysiology & epidemiology), treatment options, recommended medications, prognosis,
complications, and more
* Evidence-based articles are authored and reviewed by physician experts
* Reference enhanced with 2,500+ clinical images and 150+ procedure video
* Access anywhere – no Internet connection required (after full installation of clinical reference on device)

Procedures & Protocols

Follow detailed step-by-step instructions for 600+ clinical procedures, including 80+ widely used Tables & Protocols

* 80+ Tables & Protocols including:
o Complete set of ACLS/PALS/NALS Protocols
o HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis & Treatment Regimens
o Adult & Pediatric Vaccination Tables
* Clinical procedure reference provides clear instructions on indications, contraindications, equipment needed, and step by step instructions on how to perform each procedure with a patient

Specialty-focused Medical News

Read in-depth medical news articles daily in 30 specialty areas

Learn more here about Medscape Mobile for Android. 

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