Wednesday, May 04, 2011

ASCO Launches Mobile App for Patient Information in Oncology (Cancer.Net Mobile Application)

ASCO recently launched a mobile app for Apple smart technology (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) based on its patient information website, Cancer.Net. 

The Cancer.Net mobile app will serve as an oncologist-approved mobile companion for patients to stay educated and informed about cancer type(s) and issues of interest, and organize important personal data often needed for doctor's visits.  The Cancer.Net app includes up-to-date guides on 120 types of cancer, with information about treating cancer, managing side effects, managing the cost of care, and living with cancer.  Interactive tools help keep track of questions to ask doctors and record voice answers, save information about prescribed medications, including photos of labels and bottles (on camera-enabled devices), and track the time and severity of symptoms and side effects.

Learn more here.

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