Friday, September 30, 2011

AFib Educator

To help healthcare providers explain AFib to patients, their families and caregivers, AF Stat has developed the AFib Educator.

This iPhone app and desktop widget provides healthcare professionals with an interactive resource to help illustrate how AFib can affect the heart; visually demonstrate the symptoms, risks and management strategies of atrial fibrillation (AFib); and where patients can learn more.

New features

• AFib management animations: demonstrates the effects of different management strategies for a heart in AFib, including:
oRate control
oRhythm control
• AFib risk animations:
oStroke risk animation:shows an AFib-related stroke to illustrate that a blood clot can travel from the heart to the brain as a result of AFib
oRemodeling process animation: depicts the remodeling process,
which is a result of untreated AFib that affects the shape and size of the heart

Original features

• Detailed animated, color diagrams of the heart under normal rhythm and during AFib
• Fluoroscopy (x-ray) images of the heart in and out of rhythm, featuring the heart's electrical impulse
• EKG readings with normal heart rate and with AFib
• Facts about the signs, symptoms, prevalence and risks of AFib can be shared through the "E-mail a Friend" feature
• Links to resources where patients can learn more about AFib

More information here.

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