Friday, September 30, 2011

What HIPAA says about texting (SMS) mobile messaging

Don't miss this upcoming free webinar sponsored by TigerText:

HIPAA Texting What Are You and Your Hospital Doing?

Please join us for a free webinar roundtable overview of how the medical community is using mobile communication and how you can adopt the speed and efficiency of mobile messaging without compromising PHI.

Monday October 17th @ 11 a.m. PST

Webinar Topics:
  • Mobile Communication in Hospital Environments
  • What HIPAA says about mobile messaging
  • What's your potential exposure?
  • Case Study - Cone Health Hospitalists Program
Why Attend:
  • HIPAA Audits are Coming
  • Understand mobile and how it impacts your staff
  • Learn what HIPAA actually says about mobile
  • Find out how to protect you and your staff
Doctors love gadgets and are certainly "Super Users" when it comes to smartphones, with a penetration rate of 73%, compared to a general population penetration of 40%! regardless of policy, physicians in your hospital are texting right now.

Our panel of experts will give you a quick overview on how healthcare providers are using mobile communication and what are the inherent risks to PHI. Legal and Compliance experts will weigh in on what HIPAA actually says, as it applies to mobile messaging and a potential risk assessment - what are the penalties and exposures?

Finally you will learn how to implement a mobile messaging platform that helps Doctors and Hospital Staff communicate in a fast, secure and compliant mobile environment, on devices they are already using.

Register for the webinar here.

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