Monday, October 03, 2011

iPhone 5 to include larger screen and 4G speeds?

There are many iPhone 5 rumors floating out there. Some are reporting that Sprint will finally get the coveted Apple iPhone. Others seem to agree that the iPhone needs to have a larger screen to compete against all those Droids out there. And, we all know that 4G wireless will bring data connection speeds that are far superior to 3G.

The larger screen and 4G makes sense to me. You'll need a slightly larger device with a bigger battery to keep up with the demands of 4G. The iPhone 5 will be thinner than the iPhone 4 and will include a "teardrop" shape where the top will be thicker than the bottom.

There are 3 features we probably won't see on the iPhone 5: We have yet to see Apple create a mobile device that includes an expansion card slot like microSD. So, I doubt we'll see any expansion capabilities in the new iPhone 5. I also don't think we'll see a removable battery. Plus, I doubt we'll see a hardware keyboard feature on the iPhone 5.

Will the iPhone 5 include some other game-changing feature? I doubt it. I think it will be a larger, faster iPhone that will satisfy many Apple fans and will also win over some new Android, BlackBerry, webOS, and Windows Phone users. Then again, the Apple's "Assistant" voice control functionality might be the feature that converts the masses to the new iPhone 5. After all, wouldn't it be great if you could "speak" commands right into your phone instead of swiping or tapping the screen? This type of voice-command is right around the corner and it looks to be coming on the iPhone 5.

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