Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm testing the Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile (for iOS and Android)

I have the opportunity to test the Zeo Sleep Manager for mobile devices. I want to thank the folks at Zeo for giving me the chance to test their mobile product (which is not available yet). I saw the Zeo at Medicine 2.0 and I've been impressed by their technology.

I'm actively exploring the Quantified Self (QS) movement with a Fitbit and a BodyMedia FIT Armband (both contain an accelerometer to capture your motion during the day and during sleep). Now, I'm adding the Zeo Sleep Manager to see what else I can learn about myself.

Here's a brief description of the Zeo Sleep Manager:

Zeo Sleep Manager - mobile uses the same SoftWave technology used in the Zeo Bedside device to enable you to get the highest quality sleep measurement system available. Works with iOS and Android operating systems.

Zeo takes the science of sleep out of the lab and puts it into your hands. The lightweight Zeo SoftWave™ headband tracks your actual sleep stages through the night and sends them wirelessly to the bedside display.

Each morning Zeo shows you right on your smartphone how you slept, including how much time you spent in REM and Deep sleep, which are critical for mental clarity, physical well-being and peak performance. Zeo also gives you an overall sleep score you can track over time.

You can learn more about Zeo here:

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