Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Mobile Network is Created for the Healthcare Industry

Tomorrow Networks provides first-ever platform aimed at creating a revenue model for mHealth developers, while maintaining a commitment to quality content for the medical community

Marlborough, MA (October 11, 2011) – Today marks the launch of the first mobile network for healthcare, Tomorrow Networks. Physicians Interactive Holdings, a leading provider of health care information and mobile clinical decision tools for medical professionals, and Remedy Systems, a leading mobile application company focused on healthcare, are announcing the creation and availability of their mHealth platform, Tomorrow Networks. The platform lets developers market and distribute their applications to the growing population of medical professionals who are searching for well-built mobile applications as a tool to improve both the quality and efficiency of care. Through the platform, advertisers can also deliver targeted marketing messages.

“Tomorrow Networks was designed to solve problems we experienced as developers in this industry. Healthcare app developers are no different than other app developers – we’re both looking for ways to distribute our applications to an audience that is most likely to download and use them,” said Matt Wiggins, CEO of Remedy Systems. “What’s unique about this platform is the community it reaches, which includes over 275,000 healthcare professionals and growing. Our main goal here is to facilitate the evolution of the mHealth ecosystem by creating a symbiotic environment in which healthcare professionals, developers and marketers coexist in an effort to improve the overall care process through a more standardized approach to mobile engagement.”

According to recent research, by the end of 2011, 61 percent of physicians will be using an iPhone. Tomorrow Networks allows developers to service this growing mHealth community, while enabling them to partner with advertisers to monetize their efforts and then target particular segments of health professionals. More specifically, Tomorrow Networks enables advertisers to place in-stream content at relevant points in the healthcare decision making process – including the ability to target ads by audience specialty and location. Moreover, the platform provides immediate insight into how these ads are received by the intended medical audience so that real-time changes can be made in relation to appropriate targeting and placement.

“Think of it this way - with Tomorrow Networks, an ad for diabetes treatment can be shown to a physician using a glucose measuring application while treating a diabetes patient. That type of ‘needle in a haystack’ targeting is unheard of today in the mHealth space,” said Sanjay Pingle, president of Physicians Interactive Holdings. “What we’re looking to do here is take the guess work out of the mHealth advertising model for developers, advertisers and the healthcare professionals. We’re committed to ensuring that the advertising content distributed via these apps is truly useful to the end user who is directly serving the patient - which could realistically be you or me.”

Developers can apply for an SDK that will grant them access to the distribution and monetization platform built into Tomorrow Networks. As of this release, 54 applications have joined Tomorrow Networks. If you’re a developer interested in sharing your mHealth app on our platform or for more information about Tomorrow Networks, please visit www.tomorrownetworks.com.

About Physicians Interactive Holdings
Physicians Interactive Holdings, a division of Skyscape.com, Inc., is the leading resource for healthcare information, medication samples and mobile decision support tools to medical professionals everywhere. We use the full power of our network to bring clinicians and Life Sciences Companies together in ways that will change the practice and business of medicine, for the better. Physicians Interactive Holdings has developed a foundation of user-generated, proprietary and public data that powers a networked suite of transactional applications, including eSampling, interactive learning programs and mobile solutions. Physicians Interactive Holdings is owned by Perseus LLC, a merchant bank and private equity fund management company. For more information about, visit www.physiciansinteractive.com.

About Remedy Systems

Remedy Systems designs and builds practical mobile product platforms that lower the costs and improve the quality of healthcare. Remedy leverages its existing mobile application platform to build new product lines for large healthcare companies that need mobile strategists, developers, and creative solutions that can be rapidly brought to market. They seek partners with companies who share similar long-term visions of the healthcare ecosystem. Remedy also assists private equity companies, government leaders and venture capitalists understand the healthcare IT landscape as it relates to mobile, often originating or identifying innovative ideas being proven on the fringes that can be brought to scale through the right partners. For more information, visit www.RemedySystems.com

The founding team at Remedy Systems built and managed mobile ad networks alongside major media companies since the launch of the iPhone. The framework for Tomorrow Networks has been proven at scale with millions of users.

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