Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Offline UpToDate MobileComplete for iPhone

I received the following email regarding UpToDate MobileComplete, the fastest mobile version of UpToDate:

Clinical answers. Stat!

UpToDate MobileComplete lets you download UpToDate’s clinical content locally to your iPhone and iPad. Upgrade to the offline version of UpToDate and

  • Get the fastest version of UpToDate on iPhone and iPad available.
  • Use UpToDate without an Internet connection1 — even in dead zones!
  • Reduce data usage if you have a limited data plan.

Get UpToDate MobileComplete today

With your personal subscription, upgrading to UpToDate MobileComplete is just $49 per year2 — a small price for the peace of mind you’ll enjoy by having UpToDate’s indispensable clinical knowledge at your fingertips — anytime, anywhere!

With UpToDate MobileComplete, you’ll never get bogged down by a slow connection. And your mobile device will synchronize as needed, so you’ll always have the latest UpToDate information with you.

How to upgrade
To upgrade your subscription to UpToDate MobileComplete, log in to from a computer and click “My Account.” In the “My Account” window, click “Renew my subscription,” select “Add new products to my current subscription” and click “Next.” In the product window, choose "UpToDate MobileComplete" and enter your payment information to complete your order.

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