Saturday, April 28, 2012

Smartphones are helping physicians find new jobs

There's an interesting story on American Medical News (by the AMA) titled, "How mobile devices can help a physician land a job." Most physicians in private practice may not be looking for a new job because they are so invested in the practice that they have "built." However, we're seeing a shift in employment models and more physicians are salaried employees of hospitals or health systems. Hence, it's not that uncommon to encounter physicians who are interested in finding a new job. Plus, some may be motivated simply because of their need to relocate.

Job alerts and secure social media networks are some of the key tools that are helping physicians find new jobs. I'd encourage any physician who's serious about finding a new job to join Doximity and reconnect with classmates and old colleagues. Sometimes, that's the best way to find a new job.

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