Monday, July 08, 2013

I'm trying the Microsoft HealthVault app (again)

Years ago, I was an early adopter of Microsoft HealthVault. I even tried Google Health. These consumer PHRs (Personal Health Record) are nice ways to keep track of your own health conditions. You can also keep track of family member health records. So, I've decided to add all my immediate family members to my HealthVault app. I've got myself, my wife, my kids, and I'll even add my mom so that I know when she's gotten her last screening tests or her latest lab results. The latest version of HealthVault will connect with a very wide variety of applications so that you can access your Quest or LabCorp Labs, your CVS pharmacy prescriptions, or your Aetna Personal Health Record.

If you have a healthy family and no one has any medical conditions, then a PHR may seem worthless. But, if you or anyone else takes medications, has had surgery, or has been diagnosed with a medical condition, using a PHR that you can access via a mobile app can save you many headaches when you try to remember the dates/details of diagnosis, treatments, medications, etc.

We're living in a digital age where consumer health engagement will play a bigger role in health, wellness, and disease management. If you're using gadgets and apps to stay engaged with your own health, you're probably more likely to experience better outcomes because you'll be more educated and empowered to improve your own self-management.

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  1. I wonder why Google gave up whereas Microsoft is still pushing this.