Tuesday, July 09, 2013

TremorCheck - an iPhone app that measures the strength and frequency of tremors

Here's a novel iPhone app that may be useful if you're evaluating a patient who has a tremor:

By DocCheck Medical Services GmbH

TremorCheck applies a clinically and scientifically proven method to measure and analyze human shaking, the so-called tremor. Measurements are made with the iPhone which has a very sensible 3-dimensional sensor measuring acceleration, recording the values of all three directions in space.

TremorCheck calculates a number of values from the measured data:

• Dominant frequencies in Hertz: Number of vibration of the hands per second
• Performance / strength in mWatt: The strength of the shaking
• Amplitude: The maximum deviation of the tremor
• Synchronization: "Steepness" of the peak of dominant frequency

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