Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jawbone UP mobile app adding greater functionality as a health management tool

The Jawbone UP mobile app has been adding greater functionality as a health management tool. The UP isn't just there to track your physical activity and sleep. Now, it's easier to log your meals and snacks. Plus, UP integrates with the UP Coffee app by Jawbone to see if there may be any correlation between your coffee intake and your sleep duration/quality. The coffee/sleep link is an example of how big data analytics can be driven by consumers who want to know how their coffee consumption pattern impacts their sleep.

The medical community is becoming more aware of the impact of physical activity, sleep, and nutrition on our overall health, impact on disease management, and much more. Medical students don't get enough formal education on these topics when they're in medical school, but perhaps they'll learn naturally by observing and monitoring their own patterns of activity, sleep, and eating. Although I don't have any formal training as a nutritionist, I feel that I'm learning so much about food, nutrition, and eating behaviors by observing (and tracking/recording) my own food consumption.

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