Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The next iPhone will get announced on Sept 9

Since the rumors are everywhere, I'm just going to add to it. Sounds like Apple is going to announce the iPhone 6 on Sept 9. The next iPhone may come with a larger screen to keep up with all the larger Android smartphones out there.

So what is the ideal screen size? I used to think that a larger size was better, but I'm always carrying my phone, even when I go for a run. So, the 4" screen of the iPhone 5 is actually an ideal size for me.

What innovations will we see in the new iPhone? I feel like the smartphone market has matured to the point that it's hard to get excited about a new smartphone. We can probably expect a better camera. Maybe the next iPhone will be water resistant like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Maybe the next iPhone will offer a battery-saving option (like what you find on the Galaxy S5). NFC? I doubt it. Built-in wireless charging? That would be nice.

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