Monday, June 22, 2009

Lexi-Comp for the Apple iPhone

If you're looking for more medical software for your Apple iPhone, take a look at Lexi-Comp and be prepared to pull out your credit card. The Lexi-COMPLETE is $299.99. You can also purchase individual titles such as The 5-Minute Clinical Consult for $74.99. They're also working on other applications such as Lexi-CALC.

The Lexi-CLINICAL SUITE is a reasonable option for people who're on a tight budget. I would recommend this to medical students and residents who can't afford to pay $300 for the COMPLETE suite. For $179.99, you get:
  • Lexi-Drugs
  • Lexi-Interact
  • Lexi-Lab & Diagnostic Procedures
  • Harrison's Practice
Want more information? You can find these (and other medical applications) in the iTunes store or by visiting:

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