Monday, August 03, 2009

Migrating from Windows Mobile to BlackBerry

I've been using Windows Mobile for many years and I have not had to think about migrating to a different operating system. Now that I'm switching to the BlackBerry Storm, I have to get all my data ready so that I don't lose any critical data.

Step 1:
So, the first stage in migrating from Windows Mobile to BlackBerry is to ensure that all my critical Personal Information Management (PIM) data is preserved. Since I use Microsoft Outlook, that's easy. All of my calendar and contact info should synchronize just fine.
Step 2:
None of my Windows Mobile applications (or apps) will run on BlackBerry, but I can probably find some equivalents. I'll start with medical apps such as Epocrates and other medical references. Then, I'll play around with GPS navigation and Twitter apps. I also plan to test PdaNet for tethering.
Step 3:
Accessories. I won't be purchasing any accessories until I'm certain that I'll be keeping my new Storm. Since the Storm uses a micro USB data/charging port, I won't need to get any proprietary chargers. I may also get some micro-to-mini USB converters that will allow me to use all my old mini USB chargers.
Well, let's see how the next few weeks go as I switch to BlackBerry. Expect many BlackBerry-oriented blog posts from me unless I decide to switch back to Windows Mobile.

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