Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tethering on the beach

OK, I'm not actually on the beach. But I'm sitting in my hotel room which is right next to the beach and I'm tethering using my Verizon Wireless smartphone to get my laptop online. That's how I'm writing this short little blog post. While others are taking a nap, I'm doing some work and tethering to stay connected.

Although my laptop has a built-in WWAN card (AT&T), I don't use it enough to justify the added cost of paying for that service. Therefore, I simply use my smartphone to tether and that works just fine. I can tether using either Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB. The main benefit of using USB is that you'll get a faster connection and you can charge the battery on your smartphone. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to tether will drain the battery on your smartphone. Tethering is the most economic way to stay connected if you have a smartphone and a laptop/netbook/UMPC/tablet/etc.

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