Saturday, August 01, 2009

Top posts for July on Medical Smartphones

At the end of July, I decided that it was time for me to get a new smartphone. It hasn't arrived yet, but you can expect a ton of posts regarding the BlackBerry Storm in August. I even though about renaming to, but I decided that in a few years, the BlackBerry will simply be considered another smartphone. Who knows, maybe the iPhone will infiltrate the corporate world and beat out the BlackBerry.

I want to thank those who submitted a guest post this month. Here are the top posts for July:
  1. What's the Best Smartphone for Physicians?

  2. 7 Useful, Free iPhone Apps for Medical Professionals

  3. Best smartphone operating systems for physicians

  4. Does Epocrates run on a BlackBerry?

  5. Medical apps for the iPhone - how far have we come?

  6. Tethering on Verizon Wireless

  7. Epocrates on the BlackBerry

  8. Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, or Palm Pre?

  9. Free Skyscape Medical Software

  10. Top Free Medical iPhone Application

44% of my site traffic comes from search engines. What are people looking for? Also, Twitter continues to lead the pack as my #1 referring website, thanks to my 17,000+ followers. I gained roughly 4,000 followers in the month of July, and that includes the 500+ I lost when Twitter removed spammers. What will August look like?

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