Saturday, August 01, 2009

Why I didn't get the Samsung Omnia on VZW

It's time to get a new phone. I'm on Verizon Wireless, so my options are limited. I thought that I was going to get the Samsung Omnia (which is a great phone, but now the phone for me), but here are the reasons why I didn't get it:
  1. It's now on closeout at Verizon Wireless. This means they won't be getting any more new ones. What they have is it. They're now waiting for the Omnia 2.
  2. I doubt we'll see Windows 6.5 for it (unless you load a custom ROM).
  3. No built-in stylus. Instead, it has this stylus that hangs on a dongle. Since it's a passive touch screen device running Windows Mobile, there are times when you definitely need to use a stylus.
  4. Proprietary charger/connector. I thought we were all supposed to be using micro USB. I really don't want to go out and get new chargers/adapters. I want my next device to have micro USB so that I can use all my existing mini USB chargers (with a mini USB to micro USB adapter).
  5. Too expensive. I can get the BlackBerry Storm for free. Why pay an extra $100 for the Omnia?
Don't get me wrong now. The Samsung Omnia is a great phone and the Omnia 2 is going to be an even better phone, but these small things make it a "no go" for me. Therefore, I'm left really with one option: the BlackBerry Storm. I've been a Windows Mobile user since the early days of Windows CE. Time to make the switch.

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