Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Samsung Omnia 2 on Verizon Wireless

The Samsung Omnia 2 (or Omnia II) is coming to Verizon Wireless and it's going to be a really nice Windows Mobile smartphone. If you're familiar with the original Omnia, then I think you'll be impressed with the improvements you'll see in the Omnia 2:
  • Larger screen (4.3") with higher resoultion (800 x 480)
  • AM-OLED screen technology (may not be great when outside in the sun)
  • Will be upgradable to Windows Mobile 6.5 (even though you can find custom ROMs out there for the Samsung Omnia that have Windows Mobile 6.5)
  • Improved TouchWiz interface
If you're dying for an Apple iPhone but you're stuck on Verizon, I would suggest waiting for a Google Android smartphone. However, if you're more interested in running a variety of medical software, then I would suggest the Samsung Omnia 2. You won't get a hardware QWERTY keyboard, but you'll have a nice multimedia player smartphone.

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