Thursday, August 27, 2009

Using Skype on a smartphone

Have you tried using Skype on a smartphone? Using Skype, you can make free calls through the Internet. You can also pay $3/month to make unlimited calls to anyone in the U.S. or Canada (including mobile phone numbers). Although Skype software for mobile devices such as smartphones has been in beta mode for a while, they now have Skype for the following mobile devices:
By using Wi-Fi, you can use the Internet to make free calls. This way, you don't use up your airtime and you can use your Wi-Fi enabled smartphone for Skype. There's also something called Skype Lite, but that's mainly for other types of phones (including the G1 which is in beta).

To learn more about Skype for your mobile phone, visit:


  1. Skype is a great service. I used it on my iPhone when I was working in Argentina this summer/winter. AT&T wants $2.49/min.

    Jeff Brandt
    motionPHR for the iPhone
    MyMedBox for Android

  2. Thank goodness we now have high-speed Internet connections in all parts of the world!