Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The future of smartphones: voice command

My prediction is that within 5 years, most of us will be using our voices to navigate our smartphones. We won't be relying on touch-screens or multi-touch gestures. We won't be typing on buttons from slide-out QWERTY keyboards. Everything will depend on voice command. Of course, the only exception may be when you require some privacy. Then, you may need to pull out that archaic method of entering data.

Current smartphones have some sophisticated voice command capabilities, but we're still in very early stages with voice recognition and voice command as this relates to smartphones. The majority of us still type our e-mails or use the buttons or touch-screen to open apps, navigate, and browse the web. Imagine what your life would be like if you could simply speak and all these things would happen.

For instance, what if you could just say: "look up drug... drug name Avastin... go to adult dosing... " and then within a few seconds you're looking at the dosing schedule for Avastin.

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  1. Wish Nuance would come out with the same app they have for android for my TP2.