Friday, February 05, 2010

AT&T's iProblem is an iMess (BusinessWeek)

Wow, the cover of BusinessWeek almost shocked me! It has a photo of an iPhone with zero signal bars. It says: "AT&T's iProblem... the iPhone has been a profit bonanza. But an overloaded network has AT&T at war with its customers."

Call it an "iMess," an "iProblem," or anything else you'd like. How is AT&T handling this issue? How are they reacting to things like:
  • iPhone Nation
  • Operation Chokehold
I'm glad I'm not on AT&T. If you're thinking about switching to AT&T just to get an iPhone, you may want to think again. I don't suspect we'll see any official tethering on the Apple iPhone anytime soon (unless it comes to some other wireless providers like Verizon). To read the BusinessWeek cover story, click here.

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