Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is a Smartphone an MID?

MID = Mobile Internet Device. Some ultra-mobile PCs are inappropriately called an MID (even though a tiny PC is a mobile device that can get you on the Internet). As smartphone browsers become more powerful, smartphones are essentially turning into MIDs. Many smartphones now have built-in Wi-Fi. The days of the Nokia MID (such as the N810 and N850) may be numbered.
  • If smartphones can do everything an MID can do, then why purchase an MID?
Here's something else to consider. Smartphones that have a built-in GPS are starting to replace standalong GPS devices.
  • If a smartphone can do everything a standalone GPS navigation can do, then why purchase a standalone GPS navigation device?
The smartphone is starting to become many different devices. Will we see a convergence of all the different smartphone features out there? Will future smartphones all have very similar capabilities and specs?

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