Monday, December 03, 2012

A portable ECG in every pocket #mHS12

Whether you call the electrocardiogram an EKG or an ECG, you'll be interested to know that earlier today, AliceCor announced that they received FDA 510(k) clearance on its mobile Heart Monitor as well as CE Mark conformity. This clinical-quality, low-cost mobile ECG heart monitor, compatible with the iPhone® 4 and 4S, enables doctors to evaluate patient heart health easily, quickly and remotely. The rhythm strips can be of any duration, and are stored on the iPhone and securely in the cloud for later analysis, sharing and printing through AliveCor’s secure website. The ECG data is sent wirelessly from the Heart Monitor via AliveCor’s low-power, proprietary communication protocol, and requires no pairing between the iPhone and the device.

I've personally had the opportunity to test this device numerous times (both on myself and on others) and I've been impressed by the quality and accuracy of this two-lead device. If you're at the mHealth Summit in DC, you can view this device at the AliveCor booth #501 with QualcommLife.

2012 mHealth Summit Coverage

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